Thelma & Louise Nepal

Thelma & Louise Nepal

Thelma & Louise Nepal (T&L Nepal) is a non-profit, non- governmental organization established in April 2015 as ground operation partner of Thelma &Lousie Expeditions (Australia, France) for Rescue, Relief, and Rehabilitation of earthquake victims especially children and women. T&L Nepal focuses on the wellbeing of every child and woman by helping to improve education and livelihood from among the earthquake victims of remote villages of Baseri and Tipling. Further, we will contribute to the development of Nepal through an implementation of effective programs for the uplift of children and women lives in both city and remote village. We will conduct various research works and publications in order to disseminate insights and experiences gained through our works for wider peo


Our mission is set for helping to end child labor, child mortality, school dropouts and help ending gender based discrimination and violence through goals setting targeted to children and women specially affected by devastating earthquake.


T&L Nepal envision a new Nepal with free of child labor, child mortality, school dropouts and end of gender based discrimination and violence both in rural and urban areas of Nepal.

Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal | Volunteers | Volunteer Program in Nepal

Volunteering program in Baseri Village We are looking for : - Health professionals - Teachers (english, art, music, sewing and craft) - Labor work (agriculture and construction)   Your program (minimum 5 weeks) : $300 Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu : Pick up at the airport by your host family Day 2 : Explore Kathmandu and shopping for your stay Day 3 : Kathmandu Day 4 : Drive to sundarijal (departure of the trek) Day 5 : Trek to Baseri Day 6 - 33 : Baseri Village Day 34 : Return Kathmandu with local bus Dinner + accommodation + breakfast with your host family Day 35 :

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Relief Distribution

  First Phase joint relief action conducted by Thelma & Lousie Expedition When the entire nation was in rest and the citizens were fully enjoying weekend holiday of Saturday April 25, 2015, unprecedented natural disaster occur with heavy strike by earthquake measuring 7.9 rector scale with epicenter in the Village of Barpak in Gorkha district […]

Success Stories

Ujeli Tamang

Ujeli Tamang

Ujeli, a 15 years old rural girl from Sindhupalchok survived last earthquake has been living in a temporary built shelter with her family in the hardest hit district Sindhupalchok. She has been featured in a especial episode of BBC weekly program “Sajha Sawal” or Common Question. Her story touched thousands of people. Shortly after the […]