Relief Distribution – Thelma & Louise Nepal

Relief Distribution



First Phase joint relief action conducted by Thelma & Lousie Expedition

When the entire nation was in rest and the citizens were fully enjoying weekend holiday of Saturday April 25, 2015, unprecedented natural disaster occur with heavy strike by earthquake measuring 7.9 rector scale with epicenter in the Village of Barpak in Gorkha district north west of capital Kathmandu.  The quake lasted for 57 seconds demolishing all most all historical monuments of three major cities many homes, apartments, shopping malls of Kathmandu valley.  The people and the government of Nepal had never faced natural disaster as fearful as it could be, hence out of shock couldn’t react to it. The world was watching the footages of devastation therefore flocks of rescue teams from around the globe begun to arrive with pouring rescue and relief aid. In the same line Mr. Steve Douglas representing Thelma &Lousie Expeditions, Crains, Australia flew in with a courage and determination to help hardly hit people of Nepal.

On April 28, 2015 as the team of United OneWorld Group was recovering from the trauma of earthquake,  RameshTamang a member of the team called on an urgent meeting to discuss on potential relief action to be carried jointly by Thelma &Lousie Expeditions and United OneWorld group. Buddha, Bimala, Pramila, Nabin, Gyanu and Ramesh met in a cozy restaurant in Boudha and discussed the plan ahead.


Vision: taking people hard hit by earthquake out of dangerous situation.


Mission: distribute relief to people affected by earthquake.


‘Nepal Earthquake disaster Relief and Rehabilitation’ was set as the goal of the team. The action begun with ‘Relief Distribution’ in Thakani Village Development Committee, Baseri and Dadakatari Wards.


Activities: UOWG collected foods, clothes, blanket, medicine and many more from different individuals and organization apart from the relief fund send by the Thelma & Louise expeditions. In order to save people from starving.

Urgent relief Packages of dry foods distributed to effected people of Sindhupalchok district, Thakani Village Development Committee (VDC)Baseri and Dadakatari wards;


Household benefited: 185 HH



Second Relief packages to the effected people of Baseri and Urleni wards, Sindhupalchok district;

Total Household benefited: 106 HH

Material distributed:

  • A sack of rice weighing 30 Kilograms each sack for 106 Household.

Relief packages distributed to the people of Sindhupalchok district-Gaurati, Sangachowk, Batase(Chautara) wards;


Household benefited: 225HH



During the first phase of relief distribution starting from April 30 to May 13 (two weeks), Thelma &Lousie (T&L) and United OneWorld Group (UOWG) distributed relief of worth RS. 715,469.00 (In words: Nepalese Rupees Seven hundred and fifteen thousand four hundred and sixty-nine) equivalent to US$ 7154.69. On May 13 Nepal was struck with second big earthquake measuring 7.4 rector scale. Our relief work has been halt due to this. We are resuming our work shortly. We thank you all our contributors.


Thelma & Lousie Nepal (T&L Nepal) and United OneWorld Group (UOWG) is preparing for 2nd phase of relief distribution. We are considering selecting “Tipling Village” the most remote village of Dhading district. Tipling is one of the remotest villages of Nepal bordering Tibet (China). So far this village has received a drop of relief materials by helicopter which included 20 tarpaulin and 2 packages of instant noodles. No government agencies has made direct field survey in this village so far and any INGO either. This village is one of the highly effected villages and is with high vulnerability for landslide. All houses, schools, monastery are down to earth. There is likelihood that entire villagers have to be resettled somewhere in relatively safe areas.


Thelma & Lousie Nepal (T&L Nepal) and United OneWorld Group (UOWG) anticipate your more supports for our second phase relief works too.



Phase II ( June-September)

First phase relief distribution was finished and in the second phase of relief distribution Thelma and Louise Nepal (T&L) started helping in school building at different district of Nepal and also to build house, which was destroyed by devastating earthquake. For this T&L distributed Tin (used to build roof) for school along with other materials necessary for it.



Material distributed to Tipling VDC

Material distributed to Dolkha, Shree Jugay Secondary School
• Tin 36 pieces


Material distributed to Solukhumbu

• Tin 168 pieces


Material distributed to Baseri

• White board for school at Baseri