Scholarship program – Thelma & Louise Nepal

Scholarship program

_DSC7551The Government of Nepal has declared free education to all the government schools of Nepal, but there are still a high number of students dropping out of school in the remote areas. One of the major reasons for students leaving school is due to the financial burden faced by their families. More than half the population, in the remote regions of Nepal lives below the poverty line. Every day is a painful reminder of their impoverished life and the arduous struggle they face. These people living below the poverty line can never think of sending their children to school because the cost of providing basic necessities like stationery, school uniforms, school bags and text books, is beyond their financial capabilities. The materials required for the children to attend school and succeed at learning, can only be obtained, if the family can afford to buy them. This is beyond the imagination for many of the families; therefore T&l Nepal runs a scholarship project to promote literacy and help decrease the number of school dropouts related to financial difficulties.

T&L Nepal at moment is supporting to 10 needy children around the country with its scholarship projects.